I enjoy working in a personal and transparent environment as I often visit artists at their studio's and talk about their visions and created artworks. It inspires me to do research in the world of the artist, so to translate their visions and stories towards clients in sharing view points and experiences. 


I sell unique 'one of a kind' oil and acrylic paintings, work on paper, sculptures and design. At the moment I work as an agent for several artists based in the Caribbean and around Central and Southeast Europe - find the following list of artists below. 


Over the last year I dived into artists and designers from Central and Southeast Europe, fascinated by their use of  sustainable materials in their artworks. Many artists have become climate activists using their work as a platform to raise awareness and imagine a more sustainable future.


The international contemporary art and design industry has a huge impact on consumers' perception and I believe this industry contributes to the world moving towards an circular economy.



As an international art dealer working (2017-2019) for Park West Gallery, I sold artworks of well-known artists around the globe, including collections of exclusive and rare works of the old masters. 


  • Albrecht Dürer 

  • Francisco Goya

  • Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

  • Henri Matisse

  • Joan Miró

  • M.C. Escher 

  • Marc Chagall 

  • Norman Rockwell 

  • Pablo Picasso 

  • Paul Cézanne

  • Peter Max 

  • Pierre-Auguste Renoir

  • Pino 

  • Rembrandt van Rijn 

  • Romero Britto

  • Salvador Dalí

  • Thomas Kinkade

  • Yaacov Agam

  • Alex Pauker

  • Alexander Chen

  • Alexander Grinshpun

  • Alexandre Renoir

  • Alfred Gockle 

  • Anatole Krasnyansky 

  • Anatoly Metlan

  • Andrew Bone

  • Autumn de Forest 

  • Bernard Louedin 

  • Charles Fazzino 

  • Charles Lee

  • Chris Derubeis 

  • Csaba Markus 

  • Daniel Wall 

  • David Le Batard (Lebo) 

  • David Najar 

  • David Willardson 

  • ​​Diana Mendoza

  • Dimitri Polak

  • Dominique Pangborn

  • Duaiv 

  • Emile Bellet 

  • Eric Dowdle

  • Erté

  • Fanch Ledan

  • Graeme Stevenson

  • Graig Tracy 

  • Gregory Arth

  • Guy Harvey 

  • Hua Chen

  • Igor Medvedev 

  • Itzchak Tarkay 

  • Jana Lee

  • Jean-Claude Picot 

  • Jim Warren 

  • Kalinka Duaiv

  • Leroy Neiman 

  • Linda Le Kinff

  • Marcel Mouly 

  • Marcus Glenn

  • Mark Kanovich

  • Marko Mavrovich

  • Matt Beyrer 

  • Maya Green

  • Michael Cheval 

  • Michael Godard

  • Michael Kachan

  • Michael Milkin

  • Michael Romero 

  • Nano Lopez

  • Natalia Sinkovsky

  • Orlando Quevedo 

  • Pat Mcmanus

  • ​Patrick Guyton 

  • Peter Nixon

  • Ron Agam

  • Sam Park

  • Scott Jacobs 

  • Shan-Merry 

  • Slava Brodinsky 

  • Slava Ilyayev

  • Tim Yanke 

  • Tomasz Rut

  • Victor Spahn

  • Viktor Shvaiko 

  • Wendy & Kevin Schaefer-Miles

  • Wyland 

  • Yulia Langer

  • Yuval Wolfson 

  • Zamy Steynovitz